What is Volumetric Filming?  

Volumetric filming (also known as Volcap) is a technique for capturing three-dimensional (3D) video recordings of people, objects or spaces. It involves using an array of cameras and other sensors to capture data about the subject from multiple angles, which is reconstructed to create an animated 3D model of the content. 

What can you use volcap for? 

Volumetric filming allows users to create immersive experiences of “holographic” videos in virtual or augmented reality environments within the Magic Leap, such as for training, gaming, education or even advertising. Volcap can also enable TV and filmmakers to create more immersive content with sophisticated camera angles and post-production effects.   

How does it look in Magic Leap? 

The volcap footage appears as a fully 3D model of the subject. It can be viewed from any angle, scaled to fit any environment, and triggered to play as linear, for example giving a pre-scripted presentation or lecture; or non-linear, allowing the user to follow an interactive branching narrative with multiple outcomes.  

Sounds great, how do I get my volcap video?  

Firstly – ensure you have a very tight and punchy script. Get your message across quickly and in an impactful way.  

Secondly – book a film session at Box Bear Studios.  We’ll manage the shoot, capture the correct takes and ensure high quality audio. Then, we’ll finesse the takes, and upload the best to render on the Cloud. 

Lastly – download the Volcap animation sequence from our platform and import into your Unity project. 

Timelapse – Box Bear Volumetric Studio setup

Behind the scenes at Box Bear Volumetric Studio

Box Bear's Volumetric Capture Rig

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